Dingač Vinarija  2017 Dingač

Dingač Vinarija 2017 Dingač

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2017 Dingač Vinarija Postup Pelješac Peninsula, Croatia

The most distinct element to the wines from the protected sites of Dingač and Postup is the seaside brininess or “freškina” imparted by the vines proximity to the sea.

Near constant sunshine ripens the grapes perfectly with the cool ocean breezes holding onto flavours and aromas.

No oak was used, only the best Plavac Mali fruit fermented and matured in large barrels. A traditional expression of this famous bold structured wine.

Dingač has a clean, precise and fine real hit bouquet. At the same time the mineral, spicy and extremely fruity with a strong spicy addition. Plum jam in almost the trademark of Plavac Mali but there are also plenty of berries and carob. Juicy, ripe and fine polished tannins combined with unusually high and very pleasant freshness, and ripe fruitiness, make it soft, gentle and pleasantly rough.