Dingač Vinarija  2017 `POSTUP`

Dingač Vinarija 2017 `POSTUP`

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2017 Dingač Vinarija Postup Pelješac Peninsula, Croatia

The most distinct element to the wines from the protected sites of Dingač and Postup is the seaside brininess or “freškina” imparted by the vines proximity to the sea. Near constant sunshine beating down on local herbs like rosemary, thyme and oregano also impart a sweet menthol like herbaceousness. Postup is typically harvested later that Dingač and tends to be the more exotic concentrated wine. For some too much so, aromas of scorched rocks, dried fruit, reduced fig, plum and tobacco contrast the sea scent. Powerfully structured and actually salty, in Croatia, home-cured anchovies, pickled onions, local olives, prosciutto, and thick, dense meaty stews pair amazingly, but unexpected combinations such as raw oysters are possible due to its unique character