Matošević – Istria, Coastal Region

The Matošević Wine Cellars are located in the Northern-most reaches of the Mediterranean in Krunčići, Istria. Wine making in this region is steeped in tradition and forms an integral part of everyday life. With strong attachments to the old wine world, their mission is to produce wines that reflect this unique territory’s soil, sunshine and sea.
Compared to Dalmatia, Istria is significantly cooler

This is due to the Adriatic Sea’s lower water temperatures, along with the higher altitudes of the Istrian hinterland.
The coastal region of western Istria is characterised by a mild, Mediterranean climate and gentle slopes that face the sea’s prevailing onshore breeze

Central Istria is dominated by a continental climate with valleys shrouded in mist, accounting for far cooler nights than the rest of the region