Bolfan – Continental Croatia, Zagreb Međimurje

The character of Bolfan wines is made possible by the production, which is in harmony with nature, manual cultivation of the vineyard and the care for improving the soil, as well as by the richness that derives from the inherited mineral characteristics of the layers in the soil.
Centuries-long tradition of wine growing on the slopes of today’s Zlatar vineyards proves that the soil on which the vineyards of Bolfan are planted is an ideal substrate for the production of high-quality wines. Precisely due to its geological, chemical and physical features, which were not suitable for growing crops, corn or other cultures requiring more fertile and richer land, this area has been known for wine-growing since the ancient times. Bolfan vineyards have already embarked on the road in the direction of natural cultivation and application of biodynamic methods in the preservation of quality and naturalness.